AudioSource EQ 200 Graphic Equalizer Review

Graphic Equalizer

AudioSource EQ 200 Graphic Equalizer Review

The EQ 200 model Graphic Equalizer manufactured by the AudioSource is a great tool that enables you to have greater control over your speaker sound than the alternative options of simple tone controls available in the market. The EQ 200 allows you to enhance the sound quality of older recordings and instrumentals according to your preference and is, therefore, a perfect fit for those seeking to add an extra experience to their speaker sound quality.

Graphic Equalizer

The EQ 200 Graphic Equalizer Features

The EQ 200 includes 10 adjustable frequency bands which can be controlled independently. You can control stereo system with greater precision. On top of that, this model provides you the capability to fine tune audio signals the way you want. It is technologically more complex and powerful than the treble and bass control of your receiver.

The EQ 200 also includes a 10-band spectrum analyzer display which has multicolor feature. The feature of the display gives you the option to see the frequency content of the music. Thus, you can take the right measure to control the audio system. It has receivers with tape monitor loop/ separate amplifier elements. A wide range of output and input plugs allow you to connect 2recording mediums such as CD, MD etc. at a time so that you can make custom-equalized dubs. This feature will be significantly effective to clean up sound when you will be dubbing from older recordings.


The EQ 200 is basically a two-channel graphic equalizer and each of the channels features 10 bands of cut EQ. All of the twenty sliders include illuminated LEDs that make checking settings easier anywhere from the room. You can independently set left and right sliders and can also control level for each channel. The EQ 200 has noise control features with a 95-decibel signal to noise ratio. The EQ bypass function feature helps to contrast between unequalized and equalized sounds.

Graphic Equalizer


The EQ 200 Graphic Equalizer Specs

The model has frequency response limit between 10-50,000 Hz with the deviation of ± 1 Db. The signal to noise ratio is greater than 95 Db and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is less than 0.03%. The input and output impedance are 100k ohms 600 ohms respectively.

It has a control range of ± 12 dB with center control frequencies to have greater control over the sound system. The available control frequencies include 30 Hz, 60 Hz, 120 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 16 kHz. Dimensions consist of 3-1/2″ H x 16-1/2″ W x 11-1/4″ D (H=Height, W=Width and D=Depth). One special feature of the equalizer is that video in jacks can be utilized for any sort of output sources, for example, tape deck, CD player, audio outputs of VCR or Laserdisc player


Pros EQ 200 Graphic Equalizer

  • The EQ 200 Equalizers can be one of the most cost-effective but advanced music system approaches to enhance sound system of any home environment.
  • Flat frequency response feature (uniform yield over the whole data transfer capacity) of the equalizer ensures precision over sound control.
  • Uniform output can be hindered by room shape and size, source material, and sound system limits. This equalizer can nullify poor acoustics, adjust low-quality recordings, and make your sound system more practical.
  • AudioSource’s EQ 200 is a flexible, reasonable and realistic graphic equalizer. Illuminated LEDs on the 20 slider-modification (10 for every channel) give you the flexibility to check your settings from across the room.
  • A range analyzer shows the information signs being bolstered to the EQ. You can also set the left and right sliders independently and can level controls for every channel.
  • There are four stereo RCA inputs settings and three stereo RCA output settings take to facilitate the smooth connectivity of the whole AV system.


Cons of EQ 200 Graphic Equalizer

  • The sound can at times be up and down (high and low with less stability)
  • The equalizer does not have the option to check tape deck’s output while you are recording.
  • There is no sensitivity adjustment feature for the analyzer display.
  • The input level controls, which are used to adjust display level, also turns down music volume.



The EQ 200 graphic equalizer by AudioSource can be the missing piece to solve the issues you face with fine-tuning and adjusting the sound system. Thereby, the wide array of features can outweigh the few shortcomings associated with the model. Greater flexibility and range of options provided by the EQ 200 have already made it popular among the sound engineers and musicians who require a complete package of sound system control at their studios or at home.

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How to choose a Car Equalizer

Car Equilizer

How to choose the best Car Equalizer withing your budget?

Listening music on the car is fun but listening music with an Equalizer is fantastic, Especially when its long tour or for an outdoor, music on loud is one of the most common things to do. Nowadays due to the portable music players especially music on the smartphone is one of the most common things in the car you must love to enjoy some tracks loudly and with more creative sounds. To get more amazing sound from your existing car audio system you may need a good quality of Car Equalizer.

Since Car Equilizer is an additional but most people like to have something special and they are willing to pay little more extra bucks. So, here we will cover few tricks on how you could get the best Car Equilizer even if you have tight budget.

Either you like to listen an old classic song or the latest rock or jazz or heavy metal music, you need an awesome music system on your car with a good sound equalizer. Many people want to enjoy superior sound quality, in their vehicles especially when they travel for long distances. A Car equalizer not only provides a precise tone shaping but it will also let you compensate for the noisiest component in your car. Most vehicles have frequencies between 100 and 200 HZ, even an otherwise perfectly balanced system might get a bump at these frequencies, in a way that can muddy your sound. With an Equalizer, it will be easy for you to control and adjust the sound by eliminating the unnecessary bandwidths and boosting those frequencies that are not visible. An equalizer will let you compensate for the noise in the street that typically hide music between 25 and 200 Hz.

Car Equalizer

It is also very important to know that an Equalizer helps you Adjust for the acoustic properties of the materials found inside your vehicle. An equalizer will boost the frequencies you are missing and adjust the ones your vehicle exaggerates. An equalizer makes it possible for you to tune the sound of your car`s audio system by providing you with tone adjustment not embrace by regular treble, midrange and bass controls. There are different types of equalizers in the present market, from the traditional in or under dash Equalizers to more sophisticated digital equalizers and you should know that some equalizers work with any factory or aftermarket stereo, whereas some are specifically designed to work with only one brand.


There are tons of ways on how to choose a car Equalizer?

Apart from the quest of getting a tight tonal control over your music playback, you should look for equalizers that can also offer you other useful features.

You should go for equalizers that have a front to rear fader for dual amp support and with a strong signal receiver that has only one pair of preamp outputs. This fader is also ideal for a twist in just the right amount of rear fill. These are essential facilities which this type of car equalizer will offer to you and you will have a change in sound experience in your vehicle.

You should look for, a “Subwoofer output” set of preamp outputs. It has a low pass filter on the equalizer. You should look for some models that can engage high pass filters on the front and rear channels each time the subwoofer output is functioning. With these crossovers, they let only a few frequencies to go through them; it will be high for you little speakers and low for your subwoofers.

Car Equalizer

It will keep your speakers and subs from trying to reproduce a sound that was not originally designed for it to. You will be pleased with the quality of it; it is just like a free electronic crossover that has been packaged with your equalizer. This will be a good choice if you go for such  car equalizer.

One other aspect of getting a quality car equalizer is for you to look for an equalizer that has features like line drivers. The function of this is that it will boost the voltage from your receiver up to the maximum level that your amp can accept. This is a great function that will give anyone who wants to enjoy quality sound, adequate quality. It regulates the voltage of your receiver to the maximum level.

In choosing a good Graphic equalizer, you should request for a car equalizer that has fixed points of adjustment that you can boost or cut. You should also note that Parametric Equalizers have equalization bands with adjustable center frequencies. These parametric bands actually make it possible for you to be able to make exact adjustments within a given frequency range, they eventually give you the maximum tweaking ability which most people who want to listen to quality sound would love to have.

Car Equalizer

You should also try to choose the equalizers that make it possible for you to be able to program your own equalizer curves and store them for repeated use. With such equalizers, you will be able to create one curve for rock, another for rap and a third for jazz. After all, each of these musical forms naturally emphasizes all kinds of tones.

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Top 3 Home Audio Equalizers

Home Audio

Top 3 Home Audio Equalizers sound systems

Nowadays, every home has HD TV and major homes also has Home Audio system or Home Theater systems. While a 7.1 or 5.1 speaker set-up is usually sufficient in achieving an excellent movie theater sound, you may also need to buy a separate equalizer to move that step further.

Unluckily, understanding how an EQ functions and using it appropriately is a much more elusive concept. Electronics manufacturers often have their own ideas concerning what a piece of gear should sound like, but EQ enables you’ve your say.

Also, we do not always get to listen to the music in appropriate environments. Most of us listen to while exercising or commuting, where ambient noise can have a disgusting impact on how our music sounds. An EQ can assist.

At its most basic, an EQ adjusts frequencies. The technology initially took off as the piece of analog electronics, primarily used in the recording studios prior to making its way into the home.

Home Audio

Whether digital or analog, an EQ is used to manipulate various elements of sound to attain a result which appeals to any listener.

The investment in a high-quality home audio equalizer boosts the control over the stereo sound. While several products are readily available on the market, some stand out for their general ease of affordability, features, and use.

It’s possible for users to find a large range of choices to purchase, including vintage and hard-to-find equalizers. In addition, it’s possible simply to compare products, vendors, and pricing on the various website, making it the right place to find the right equalizer for almost any home application.

By comparing models wisely, users can stay confident they’re getting the correct model and type of equalizer for their particular needs.

A parametric equalizer will definitely assist to boost your audio set-up, in the case of any home theater, as it’ll improve not only the quality of the sound produced by the speaker but also rectify some discrepancies (like resonance or noise reduction.)

Even though they are not cheap units, it’s worth investing in the right EQ if you already own a surround sound set-up including a pre-amp, sub-woofer and some type of mixer (the latter not being essential). Combining all these components will create a really astounding audio experience when watching movies.

Therefore, let’s look at top 3 EQ solutions for your home theater audio:

1. Bose 901 Series VI home audio

The Bose 901 Series VI are among the finest speakers for realistic live sounds. These offer a total of 9 full-range drivers for every of the speakers in this quality 2-piece set.

In addition, the speakers are free-standing, enabling for a natural clarity, balance, and ease of use in nearly any situation.

Home Audio

With 450 watts maximum, these offer abundant enjoyment for a home user. The equalizer for this particular series is an active equalizer designed, especially for this model.

It balances the output of each frequency to develop a natural sound. It’s a dynamic range of 106 dB at 35 Hz. The design of the set enables the user to move components of the system from one place to another if necessary. Bose is also a highly respected name in the audio and equalizer business.

2. BBE EQA231 Home Audio

Designed for any serious user, the BBE EQA231 equalizer boasts Constant-Q filters for a greater quality of sound. It has a low-cut filter range of 10-250 Hz and the high-cut filter from 3-40 Hz.

This equalizer also offers for actual hard-wire bypass, something which can be difficult to find on any other systems. It also provides balanced TRS or XLR input connections.

Home Audio

This model of equalizer needs more understanding of the system than any other models, making it a better option for the user with the experience. Those people who need better sound quality and more power usually seek out this specific product for its benefits.

3. Neptune Audio NeptuneEQ home audio system

This is the one of the most expensive units and provides a comprehensive solution for a home theater EQ’ing (and above course). It boasts high-tech DSP technology and can analyze and rectify the signal output based on your speaker set-up.

Home Audio

Precision settings enable you to change decibel levels by half every time. It’s absolutely recommended for anybody who wishes to take their movie watching experience which steps further. The unit is priced at about $4000.


Lastly, the fun part! Now that you have got enough understanding of what your EQ does, it is high time to begin playing around with making adjustments.

Go ahead and begin playing some music which you’re actually familiar with, pull up your EQ, and even move some sliders up or down to hear in action what you have been reading about. You will discover that small adjustments can deliver a pretty wild effect on how things sound.


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